Cyberdosh - our own virtual currency

What is Cyberdosh?

Cyberdosh is the virtual currency of Frugaldom

A frugal lifestyle is one of financial wizardry.

Once upon a time, in the NYK Media office in Scotland, the concept for our digital currency was born.

Cyberdosh (cyber = virtual / dosh = money) was created as a virtual currency for our online treasure hunt, which ultimately resulted in real cash prizes. Members of our group were looking for novel and unique ways to promote their individual skills and business ideas, so we began to incorporate more competitions and free draws, which were then opened to the public.

It would be another 10 years before the emergence of Bitcoin, which has been followed by many others. Having launched the first exclusively online newspaper around the same time, one might say that we were slightly ahead of our time!

Cyberdosh can be used as a bartering tool, allowing members to pay one another within the group.

Now, we are offering individuals the chance to find, earn or win Cyberdosh for spending on goods, services, holiday accommodation and lifestyle experiences. For the past x number of years, we have been planning to run our Cyberdosh Scottish Lottery, so watch out for future develpments and your chance to win some of our virtual cash.

 NYK Media has evolved over the past 20 years and is now developing 


Here at Frugaldom, we will trade in Cyberdosh.

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